Shoot for yourself

UNMISSABLE NEW SERVICE You want funky – we give you funky!

Dare to be different and film your wedding for yourself for a wedding DVD that stands out from the crowd

How it works

  1. Choose 3 or 4 wicked friends & relatives to take turns to film We will email them an easy ‘how to/what to film’ guide to get them off to a flyer.
  2. We courier the camera(s) to you a couple of days before the wedding so your Shoot for Yourself-ers have a chance to practise a little. Camera are fully prepared & set to auto – turn them on & you’re ready to go.
  3. Your shooters can film leading up to, during the wedding & the morning after! You’ll get footage that’s just not been possible - until now!
  4. We pick up the cameras the following day and crack on with the editing. We add funky, turning your footage into the greatest wedding DVD ever!

The result… You get a cool, ‘out there’ wedding film on DVD that is guaranteed to entertain and absolutely everyone will want to watch! Probably not suitable for Granny tho’!

“Don’t mistake existing for living - embrace the randomness of life.”

- Anon